Camper van conversion I

After painting the van was time to start rebuilding the interior, we only had the floor and the isolation.

We start whit the bed, before, the structure was made of wood, and it was bend because of the time, that’s why we decided not to build it the same way. Instead, we use aluminum profile. qfix robotics – Perfil de varilla de aluminio (20 x 20 mm, 1000 mm, anodizado natural)

We use also those profiles to built the platform of the water heater.

And all the cables that before were at the floor now are fixed to those profiles, to get more space.

We continue with the kitchen, we use the furniture that we already have and the plastic tallboy, that was almost new! We only repaint the furniture in white and build a new table, the old one was damage and awful.

We built also the toilet and the shower.

the water, the gas and the electric installation. We improve the last one a bit because before was divided in many parts and was a little chaotic, now its everything in one place, where we can access from the outside from a small door.

The refrigerator, some furniture and the walls are also done.

And now before we can do the interior roof we have to fix the rooftrack to the van, a new challenge!

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  1. It looks awesome guys, you are doing all the stuff in LB? or are you using some secret facility in Bosch that i could use too when I start to prepare the Van I plan to by at the end of the year ?


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