Camper van conversion II

The last month we had some problems… The gas installation had a gas leakage, so we dismantled the boiler, changed some parts and brought it to a specialist to check whether everything was ok. They checked it and give us a couple of tips about the assembly and voila… now it’s working perfectly and without … Read more

Camper van conversion I

After painting the van was time to start rebuilding the interior, we only had the floor and the isolation. We start whit the bed, before, the structure was made of wood, and it was bend because of the time, that’s why we decided not to build it the same way. Instead, we use aluminum profile. qfix … Read more

Restoring and Isolating the van interior

Floor We sanded the floor very well to take away all the rust and the rest of glue. We painted the floor with Branto twice  Brantho Korrux “3en1” 0,75L 9005 noir. We isolated with 10mm Armaflex Armaflex 06mm Autoadhesivo kautschukplatte corte a 1qm. And we put wood panels of 12 mm. 15 mm OSB/3 Paneles grobspanp Latte Longitud Hasta … Read more

Introduction to our VW LT 40 4×4

That’s the first entry in our blog and here we want to introduce you our camper called Cactus. Cactus is a VW LT 40 AWD (4X4) from 1987. Some technical information: 2,4 l TD (6 cilynders) with Intercooler (DV Motor + Acl Turbo + Acl Intercooler) 4WD, transfer case with 2H, 4H, N, 4L Differential-locks … Read more

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