Camper van conversion II

The last month we had some problems

The gas installation had a gas leakage, so we dismantled the boiler, changed some parts and brought it to a specialist to check whether everything was ok. They checked it and give us a couple of tips about the assembly and voila… now it’s working perfectly and without gas leaking.

The windshield broke 2 weeks after we assembled it after painting the van, maybe because we sealed it with a special silicone before removing the tension (of the windschield). We bought another, and after 5 hours trying to assemble it… catacrack! we broke it again 🙁

But third time is the charm! we didn’t give up, buy another one and that time it worked! Since we are “pros” assemblying old windshields, someday I will write a post to explain you how it’s done, because is worth…

We solve those big “issues”, nevertheless there was still lot to do!!

We bought a second-hand roof rack that we had to adapt to our roof, that means saw off some bars from here and weld some bars there for fitting the windows and we painted it whit anti-rust paint… To fix it to the roof, we use first some aluminium profile that we screwed to the roof and was sealied with sikaflex. Finaly, we used some pipe clamps to fix the roof rack to the aluminium profile.

Once the roof rack was fixed to the roof, we could finaly assamble the headline of the camper van using some very flexible plates, that were able to adapt to the shape of the van. We covered them in white and screwed them to the structure bars of the van. We used small plates instead of only 2 big plates like before because if something goes wrong, we can open that part without taking everything apart. At the same time we put the headliner, we install also the led lights. That’s the result.

We assambled the water tank in a different position than it was. Before it was in a vertical position, and now is in a flat position. Maybe, it’s not possible to pump out all the water of the tank, but we got much more space at the back side of the van. Some drawers were mount almost the same way than they where.

Finally we assambled the bed and the sofa.

 I started to decorate our new home, and Jose started to tune up the engine, the brakes, and assamble the solar panels.

Some days ago, we got to know that the vessel will depart a week later, so we have a couple of days more to finish Cactus 

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