Bodywork and Paintwork in the van

As we already told you in the previous entry some areas of the van were covered with silicone paint. Remove the silicone paint from the van was really a horrible work! We try with the radial arm flex and with the drill but none of that was good idea, it was too much aggressive and also destroy the old paint and leave the bare metal of the body without protection. The best way that we found to do it was applying silicone remover and using a scraper, metal brush and steel wool, that means, all manually….

Thanks to our family, friends and some nice people we have meet these days we made it!

The next step was taking the old sealant silicone from the roof rail between the body car and the fiber (GRP) roof and leave that very clean to put the new Sikaflex Sikaflex 521 UV 300 ml cartucho – 1 carcasa K-PU sellador, Colores – blanco, gris, negro.and get a really watertight roof. 

Then we sand and clean with water and whit solvent and we paint it with Branto 3&1 twice Brantho Korrux “3en1” 0,75L 9005 noir..

Now we were facing the car body, I thought we could paint directly without dissembling the car, but we realize, that it would not be good result. Finally, we took apart almost all that was possible, doors, windows, windshield… I didn´t thought was that easy to take the windshield out, you only need to know how 🙂 

We sand the body down, clean it and paint it whit Branto 3&1 twice  Brantho Korrux “3en1” 0,75L 9005 noir. (paint against rust).

And the result it´s not so bad, isn´t it? It´s almost a master piece done with our own effort 😉

It looks really easy when you read it, but the truth is that it was a loot of weeks of hard work, and the worst of all is that there is still a lot to do…

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