Restoring and Isolating the van interior


We sanded the floor very well to take away all the rust and the rest of glue, we painted the floor with Branto twice, we isolated with 10mm Armaflex and we put wood panels of 12 mm. We take advantage that the camper was all take apart to remove the space for the twin tires.

Walls and roof 

At the roof we reuse the Armaflex that we had (it was in a good condition), we attach them better to the wall and try to glue them better than before, that was really difficult specially at the roof (the gravity was playing against us). Once done we put styrofoam 20mm or 40mm depending of the zone to get a surface all in the same level.

At the walls we use self-adhesive Armaflex (more expensive but much more easy to use) 10mm or 20mm depends of the area. We cut and make space in it for the electricity wires and the water pipes.


We also didn’t like the exterior that much, it was painted with a silicon paint, to avoid the water to come in, but unfortunately, the water was already inside ­čÖü  so, the next step is to remove the silicone paint and repaint the camper!

Till the next chapter, we are gonna remove all the silicon painting, wish us good luck!!


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