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 Welcome to our travel blog

We are Jose and Cristina, in 2016 we decided to change our lives, we bought Cactus, our campervan, we restored it and we have been travelling with it through South-America! Since April 2017 our family grew up, we adopted a street dog called Perito!

Our motivation:

After living 6 years in Germany we realise that we were too confortable… The adventure of living abroad has become a normal life, and we don’t like to stay in our comfort zone… we don’t like monotony, we want more!

We need a change to take new perspective, we want to learn more about the life, the nature, the cultures, the people… Some lessons that you learn neither at school nor at your work…

That’s why we bought a AWD (4×4) camper van, we took a sabatical year and in January 2017 we start a new adventure through Sudamerica.  The plan change a bit while travelling so that we travel 14 months and a half. We started in Uuruguay and we ended in Colombia. You can check our route here. 

You can check where we have been and what we have donde in our blog Travelling with Cactus.

Our dream was to complete the Panamerica highway from Buenos Aires to Alaska but after 1 year we decided to stop in Colombia so we have something to see in the next trip 😛

We start the blog in May 2016 because we want to show you also how we are gonna restore the camper which is 30 years old (like us, maybe a premonition). Could be that this is also interesting for someone or is gonna inspire some of you to make a similar crazy things.

You can check that in our page Restoring Cactus.

Now we are back in our home city, Barcelona, digesting all the experiences, adapting to live again in society and preparing new projects. It is time to RE-INVENT ourselves.

We wait for your feedback, recomendations, tips, whatever…

Thanks for visit us! 🙂

About us:

Cactus is a camper van VW LT 40 AWD from 1987.

Jose, 14 September 1986, engineer as profession, now mechanic, carpenter, plumber, electrician and pilot off road to the end of the world.

Cristina, 19 April 1986, laboratory technician as profession, now tour guide, photographer, blogger and “shotgun” off road to the end of the world.

Perito, October 2016, undetermined breed, was a street dog at his first 6 months of live now is a traveller dog!

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