One of the reasons that make us start the trip in January in South America was to see the rally Dakar, and now it looks that we are not gonna make it! 🙁

A few years ago we start to watch the dakar on tv and we became fans, Jose because of the cars and trucks and I because of the amazing landscapes where they drive.

The rally in 2017 will start on 2 January in Asuncion (Paraguay) and will drive through Bolivia and Argentina to finish the 14 January in Buenos Aires. If you want to know more about the rally you can check the oficial site

We would have love to see it in Salta (north of Argentina) but we are not gonna do it!!! 🙁

The arrival date from Cactus was the 29 of December but right now the ship has a 14 days delay, that means that cactus is gonna arrive at the earliest the 12 of January when the Dakar almost ends…

That sucks but maybe its a signal to change our minds and start to live easy, without worrys and stress…

And we are already in BA thinking what to do while we wait for cactus, maybe explore more the cities from Buenos Aires and Montevideo or maybe visit some friends in Cordoba.


If you have any idea or can help us to get to the rally we would apreciate it!

2 thoughts on “DELAY”

  1. Hey Ihr 3,
    endlich hab ich mal Zeit gefunden mit euren Blog anzusehen. Voll cool :-)!
    Und es ist wahnsinn zu sehen was Ihr alles in welcher Zeit geschafft habt, Respekt!
    Wie geht es Cactus? hat er die Überfahrt überstanden und ist er gut bei euch gelandet? Oder stimmt der Pfeil von GoogleMaps und er ist immernoch auf hoher See?

    Ich freu mich für euch, lasst es euch gut gehen!

    Liebe Grüße

    • Vielen dank Sören! Wir sind in Argentina schon richtung suden! Es freut uns das du den blog folgst. Liebe Grüße!!


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