Bon voyage Cactus!!

Today was the day! As I said at the last post, the ship where Cactus is gonna travel will depart a week later, and that was really cool for us because we had a little less stress… But actually, it was really stressfull!!

On Saturday morning we start packing everything and it was not so easy… it’s like the typical question, what would you take with you to a dessert island? Ok, Cactus is big but not that big that I could take all my clothes (for winter and summer) and Jose all his tools! It was really difficult… specially for him! 😉

We started the trip really late and we stopped moreless at the middle of the way, that was also close from Doris and Jürgen house (the previous owners). So yesterday morning we spent a little time with them, to show what we have done to Cactus and talked about their plans with an awesome MAN KAT they are preparing as a motorhome.

At the afternoon we continued driving direction Belgium, and we arrive with enough time to enjoy a delicious meal in Amadeus, a beautiful restaurant in Antwerp.

But of course not everything could be good… when we wanted to go to sleep we realized that there was water leaking in the van trough the roof windows!!! ohh nooo!!! 🙁
We attached the spare wheel to the rack-roof, and we think that due to that, lot of joints of the roof are becoming unsealed… we took appart almost all the headliners, to find out how serious was the damage.
It was serious enough to be worried… but too late, too dark, and to soak to use the silicon pistol… We went to sleep, and today we tried to fix it “quick and dirty” with duck tape! We didn’t have enough time to fix it properly and we will do it in Uruguay.

So we drove to the harbor and realized how chaotic its everything there for a person that had no experience in shipments. We find the euro terminal that Belgaco told us without any problem, there, it was only a building and in one of the doors was a chek-in sign, it was like perfect, so easy! But it wasn’t like this! It took us like 2 hours going up and down stairs, driving here and there, till finally we could leave Cactus at its place at the harbour.
And we leave it there alone! 🙁 Now we are at the train going back home with a mix of feelings difficult to explain…

We only hope that Cactus will arrive safe and sound to Montevideo.

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