Stage 4. Argentina – from northeastern to patagonia

 Argentina is really big !!! We have traveled about 6000 kilometers in this country and we still have a lot to see. It has very different landscapes and climates.

We started in the province of Misiones in the northeast of Argentina surrounded by jungle and with a tropical climate, high heat and humidity (and lots of mosquitoes !!). Then we drove through the provinces of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos, with a temperate climate. We continue through the province of La Pampa, it has a arid climate, very hot during the day but cold nights. Then we go to Neuquén, the first province of the Patagonia region, where most of it is also dry / arid but also have a mountainous area, touching the Andes mountain range, where the climate is cold, summer temperatures fluctuate 25ºC during the day at 8ºC in the evenings. We continue southwards driving through the provinces of Rio Negro, Chubut and Santa Cruz and now we are in Tierra del Fuego. There are two ways to get there: Route 3, which runs along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean or Route 40, which runs near the Cordillera, our first idea was to take Route 3, but after talking to a lot of people, we changed the plan for no losing the area of ​​the lakes. And then later we change to route 3 in Rio Gallegos and so to the ascent we will not repeat so much journey (only a small part because there are no steps towards Chile until the passage of Los Antiguos).


Sorry for the poor translation… I’m using google translator…

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