“Felices los cuatro”

After about 1 month of break, we are back on the road. Cactus is better than ever, we have made enough improvements and a great set-up for what is coming, which is not less if we want to reach Colombia in 6 months !!

We came back to Argentina crossing the border through the Paso Libertadores. One of the most impressive borders of the journey, composed in the Chilean part by 29 curves in zigzag that elevate you to 3185m of height and by a tunnel called Cristo Redentor already in Argentine land and surrounded by snow. Once we enter we knew immediately that we were back in Argentina because of the aridity of the landscape, as Jose said “it looks like the far west !!”

In Mendoza we felt like at home thanks to Silvia and Eduardo, a couple of travelers we met in Patagonia and who welcomed us into their home with open arms. Here we saw for the first time the “acequías” (so characteristic of this province) that are water channels distributed by all the streets of the city between the asphalt and the sidewalk, thanks to which there are green areas and many trees that sometimes form precious green tunnels (or yellows at this time of year). We also learned about wines on our visit to López wineries and enjoyed them in the company of friends, locals and travelers.

Even within this province, between the pre-mountain range and the mountain range of the Andes we visit the natural hot springs of Cachueta, the hill of the seven colors of Uspallata and the hill Alcázar near Barreal.

Later we went  to the province of San Juan and enjoy beautiful camping places in the middle of the nature next to the Americanofrenchpress, with whom we are traveling and are becoming great friends! For example last Saturday after collecting firewood we made a rich roast on the banks of the San Juan River and under the stars.


We follow the route marveling at the new landscapes that we are seeing, such as the Wind Temples, near a small town called Rodeo.

And finally yesterday we visited the Ischigualasto Park or commonly known as the Valley of the Moon, a unique place in the world and in which have been found the oldest fossils of dinosaurs and protomamíferos.

And now we continue our trip to the north of Argentina, happy the four of us!!


More photos of Mendoza and San Juan here.


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