Adventures on wheels

A couple of days ago we arrive to Piedra del Águila with three backpackers that we brought from Neuquén till here, Conni, Diego and Jona. Really nice to meet you, we wish you all the best! 

We stop in the YPF petrol station and we immediately saw a brown Steyr Pinzgauer really well prepared as an expedition vehicle, which looks awesome! We look for the owners and when we found them, they give us the bad news… the gearbox was broken! And since they were at the end of their trip it was no point to try to fix it, the only thing that they wanted was to get the vehicle to the harbor.

The owners are Hansi and Günter, a nice Austrian couple who didn’t speak a word in Spanish, that’s why we decided to stop there and help them, because for us all the travellers that live on the road should help each other.

A policeman from the town was also helping and he organizes for the next day a tow vehicle that will bring them to the port of Bahia Blanca. Thanks Cristian for your help!

We slept in a camping near to the petrol station, with the backpackers and more people we met, Lisandro a crazy motorcycle driver 😉 , Silvina and Ángel a funny couple from Buenos Aires and another couple with motorbikes (i don’t remember the names).

The next day we woke up early to speak with the guy from the tow truck, everything was going well but in some point the gay was speaking with his company and the company decided that they were not allowed to transport such kind of vehicle, because was a motorhome with 3 axes… Such bullshit! Then, the adventure began, Jose was with Günter asking in all the transport companies what could they do and I was trying to console Hansi because she was tired of all of that and she only wanted to go home… Some hours later the situation was even worse, we thought that the tow companies spoke between each others (like a mafia) and every minute the price was more and more expensive… Ángel the gay from Buenos Aires join us and try to help looking for an empty truck that could bring the Pinzgauer to the harbor, but no one of us was lucky… Some hours later we ate an improvised pasta Bolognese all together in the green yard from the petrol station! 🙂 was chaotic but the entire situation was also funny… We said goodbye to our new road friends and we continue looking for a transport. Around 6pm the miracle happened, we found a really nice truck driver, called Omar who wanted to help. 

The issue now was how to carry the vehicle in the trailer and at that point was the moment of Cactus! 

Cactus pulled the Pinzgauer till a place where the truck parked, behind a hill, where was a slope, to carry the vehicle easily… Impossible to explain with details, better see the video below!


And finally they were safe and sound in their way to the port and soon to home; we wish you all the best Hansi and Günter! 


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  1. Always saving peoples lives ;)!! Jose Ingenieurmeister!

    @Cris: con todo el cariño del mundo, cuando haces referencia a un chico se escribe, guy no gay… loveyu! Pero es mas gracioso si lo escribes mal, como cacahuetas ?


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