Rebuild/Improve interior and installations of a camper box

After buying the blue LT our client asked us to make some improvements before sending it home.

For example, we changed the furniture of the kitchen that was made of plastic by one of plywood and we added two pieces of furniture with their corresponding cushions in the area of the entrance.

He also asked us for hot water to be able to take warm showers or wash the dishes in winter without freezing your hands. So we installed a Truma B10 heater and changed the submerged water pump by an external Fiamma Aqua 8 pump.

We improved the electrical installation, adding 12v plugs and a status indicator of the batteries.

Finally, we added a third seat in the front area of the cabin, we installed safety belts in the back of the cabin (in case some day he needs to remove the bed and install a seat bench) and we also installed seat belts in the sofas on the back of the camper. It seems he has a large family and everyone wants to travel with him! 🙂


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